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BlogThe Big Ideas of Customizable Pets

(Posted: 15th / May / 2012)

"This blog article is about all those ideas of "Customizable Pets", I will go through all those brillant/creative ideas that are floating around the web and discuss them here"

Article Sneak Peak:

"Alrighty, this idea was brought up in a FAQ (if I remember correctly). The idea was the ability to dye pets in order to change their color. This opens so much more customizability to ALL the current pets!

Imagine, you have a brown bear and you want it colored grey right? Well, all you would simply have to do is open the pet dye screen (armor dye screen equivalent) and select its color and you're done." read more..




Blog The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Creation

(Posted: 14th / May / 2012)

"The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Creation

Part 2 of: The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Begining"

Article Sneak Peak:

"Once me (Ithican James) and Luke Erebus had the idea and determination to create this website, we went full speed ahead! We bought a domain name" ( was taken.)", got a.." read more..




BlogThe Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Begining

(Posted: 12th / May / 2012)

"The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Begining

Part 1 of: The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Creation"

Article Sneak Peak:

"By the end of this story, you will get to know why we made this site, how we got the idea, get to know me and Luke a little better, but most importantly of all - you will learn one of lives greatest lessons." read more...






WARNING: Blog articles may contain unprofessionalism! There may be alot of grammer, punctuation and spelling mistakes. "We arn't proffessionals, we are normal players.. that have an abundance of skills and experience. But almost zero experience with engrish litrasey" :D