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"A simple guide to teach you how to obtain miniatures (mini-pets)."

So you want to know the ways of obtaining mini pets?

Well, heres how. There are 4 ways of obtaining miniatures:


1. The first and most expensive way of getting mini-pets is by buying Minis Packs from the Gem Store, you can buy a mini-pets pack for 300 gems. Each pack consists of 2 common pets and 1

rare. You'll get your mini-pets much faster using this method, but of course it comes at a cost - real money. So if your loaded in real life, feel free to collect all the pets in a day with these packs. But if you're not that much of a serious collector, there are other good methods bellow.


2. Getting minis as a reward from the Hall of Monuments.

By playing Guild Wars One and it’s expansions you gather up HoM points. HoM points are used to purchase HoM specific mini-pets. You can find a list of all HoM pets and their HoM points cost on this website.


3. Buying them in the Trading Post, most people sell the mini-pets that they do not want in the auction house, if you are lucky enough, you might find the ones you are looking for in here. But beware that the rarer pets may be quite expensive here.


4. Combine minis in the Mystic Forge, you can combine 4 common mini-pets to get 1 uncommon pet. This is a great and convenient method if you have plenty of spare/duplicate miniatures.


Lasty, I should also mention that there is only one pet that cannot be obtained with the above methods, that one pet is the Rytlock miniature, the only way of getting him is by buying the Collector’s edition of Guild Wars 2. But if you are serious about collecting all the Guild Wars 2 miniatures, you'll be needing him, this miniature is the star on-top of your mini-pets collection.