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GuideThe Complete Guide to Ranger Pets

"The pet guide story of Mittens the Canyon Spider. This story will serve as guidance for you, on everything important to know about your trusty companion"

Guide How to Tame Pets

"Here is a simple guide to teach you how to gain a ranger pet. It contains all the basic and in depth knowledge required for you to obtain a pet without any hassle."

GuideRace Starter Pets

"Listed in this guide, are all the starter ranger pets that are choosable depending on your characters race."

GuidePet FAQ

"Answers to all the common frequently asked questions related to ranger pets can be found here."








WARNING: Guides may contain unprofessionalism! There may be alot of grammer, punctuation and spelling mistakes. "We arn't proffessionals, we are normal players.. that have an abundance of skills and experience. But almost zero experience with engrish litrasey" :D