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Mini-Pet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-FAQ Content-

1.Basic Questions

2.Other Related Questions

1. -Basic Questions-

Q: What is a miniature (mini-pet)?

A: Miniatures (or mini-pets) are downsized versions of NPC models which can be summoned to follow a player around.


Q: Whats the rarity/quality heirachial order?

A: In this order - from most common to the rarest.

Fine -> Masterwork -> Rare -> Exotic


Note: The Hall of Monuments pets do not have a specified quality.


Q: Can a player have more than one mini-pet out at once?

A: No


Q: How big are they?

A: They are generally the height of the players knee or shorter. Their length and width stay within its natural proportion of its height.


Q: What do they do?

A: They follow you around. They are mainly an accessory to make the player look cool.


Q: What can you do with them?

A: Nothing.


Q: Can they fight?

A: No, they do not fight or add any combat advantage.


2. -Other Related Questions-

Q: Are mini pets items? Also, how do you store them?

A: Miniatures are considered collectable items by the game and will therefore be deposited in your storage account if you select the "deposit all collectables" option in your inventory screen.


Q: How are they usually named?

A: They are named after their natural sized counter-part, but they additionally have "Mini" infront of it. Miniatures also have your character's guild tag appended to their name while active.


Q: What are miniatures alternatively called?

A: They are often adressed as mini-pets or mini pets, vanity pets, non-combat pets, minis, small pets, little pets, fun pets and collectable pets.


Q: How many miniatures are there in total?

A: There are 98 miniatures in total. 45 fine, 26 masterwork, 17 rare, 5 exotic and 5 from the Hall of Monuments.


Q: Can you name them?

A: No.


Q: Can you mount them?

A: Lol What? No. No you cannot.


Q: Can you detonate them like a dynomite?

A: =.= /derpface

Page Last Updated: 27th/September/2012