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Ranger Pet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-FAQ Content-

1.Basic Questions

2.Control/Combat Related Questions

3.Leveling/Evolution Related Questions

4.Other Related Questions


1. -Basic Questions-

Q: Do you get to feed your pet?

A: You do not need to feed your pets


Q: How do I tame a pet?

A: Rangers tame their pets by seeking out a juvenile version of an animal family type, then bond with them using their charm ablity.


Q: Do pets become “downed” or instantly “defeated?” Do pets have “downed” skills or finishing moves?

A: Pets go to a defeated state and don’t have any finishing moves or downed skills. Once downed, you can revive a pet. If you are defeated, your pet will pop back to the waypoint with you when you revive.


Q: Do charmed pets assume the level of the ranger?

A: Yes


Q: Can rangers have more than one ranger pet out at once?

A: No.


Q: What are the pet groups?

A: Pets are broken down into terrestrial, amphibious and aquatic groups, which decide where they can follow you.

Q: What are the pet group definitions?


Terrestrial pets: are ranger pets that can only travel across land. They are unable to go underwater.

Aquatic pets: are ranger pets that can only travel underwater. They cannot travel on land.

Amphibious pets: are ranger pets that are available in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Most animal companions in the game are amphibious, in order to make them more versatile.


2. -Control/Combat Related Questions-


Q: What are pet mode and what do they do?

A: "Pet modes are used to control your pets behaviour."

Stow: Don't do anything

Guard: Protect me, yourself and our squad members.


Q: What are the pet commands and what do they do?

A: "Commands are used to control your pet."

F1: commands the active pet to attack the current target.
F2: activates the species-specific skill of the active pet.
F3: calls your pet back to you.


Q: Can you change pets in combat?

A: Yes, using a special spell that enables you to switch between your 3 chosen inactive pets. Though this spell has a long recharge time.


Q: Can the player activate his pet skills himself?

A: Sort of, the player cannot activate the family specific pet abilities, which is managed by the pet itself. But the ranger can activate the pets unique species ability.


3. -Leveling Related Questions-

Q: How does pet evolution work?

A: Described as “evolution levels”, a Ranger’s pet can evolve up to 20 times, or 20 evolution levels. The pet gains XP towards this levels in tandem with the player’s XP gain (the pet must be active).  Evolution levels grant the pet a variety of bonuses specific to the type of pet itself. For example, a bear might receive increased health or increased damage as an evolution bonus. Pets will also unlock up to four ability slots throughout the course of their progression, allowing the player to customize them with a variety of active pet abilities.


Q: Is the specific phrasing of leveling a pet only while it's active?
A: No, they just wanted to make certain that the distinction of having three pets but only one of them active at a time was clear. If your active pet is defeated and you kill an enemy, your pet will get credit for the kill whereas your two inactive pets would not.


Q: How many abilitys can a pet have?
A: Every pet has a potential of four skill slots but they are locked to begin with. As a pet evolves it will gain passive abilities as well as unlock its four skills slots. One thing to note is that every pet has all of its skills available at evolution level 1. You just need to unlock all four slots to have four skills equipped at the same time.

4. -Other Related Questions-

Q: Can you ride your pets?
A: No, Sadly.


Q: Are pets mandatory?

A: No, but rangers should use their pets to achieve maximum effectiveness.


Q: Can a spirit or trap be maintained by having my pet stay near it?

A: No, the ranger needs to stay in the required radius to keep a trap or spirit active.


Q: Will we be able to add armor to pets?

A: No, if only..


Q: Can you respec pets?

A: Pets do not need to be respecced. A player is free to change any skills the pet uses, as long as they are outside of combat.

Page Last Updated: 24th/April//2012